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Welcome to my website.
Dedicated to excellence in stained glass, crystal art and other interests.

Stained glass and crystals

Latest Updates to this site

* 26th July 2021. Whirlpool sculptures tutorial series released for general use.
* 1st May 2018 Web site hosting moved to Scotland. @ names.co.uk Many thanks go to Lins for grenerously sponsoring this site.... :-)
* 20th June 2017 Reinstated some "off topic pages". so welcome back... :-)
Water Page a few insights into the magic force of life...... water.
Whirlpool Page Multiple whirlpools in a single vessel as a water sculpture / water conditioning technique.
Battle chess page is a 3 player board and game rules.
Copy-freely page My pledge to ensure infomation given here goes to the public domain.
Knowledge pond A small, but growing collection of essays

* 27nd Jan 2014 Facebook Group started. Join us there facebook group

* 3rd Jan 2014 More on designs, cropping and scaling large drawings

* 24 Nov 2013 More details for lamp shade assembly and new tutorial videos available to see.

* 20 July 2013 More stained glass patterns are ready to buy and use.


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