Karal Studio's

"Pyramid Know-how."

Vibrational healing & Empowerment
with pyramids,  crystals & human attunement.

"Fire at Center"
Also called 'urrim-middin' from Hebrew meaning "Light measures"
The Egyptians name for the great pyramid is 'Khuti' meaning "The Lights"
Semitic languages have 'urim' meaning "The Lights"
The Greek language has 'pyra' meaning "Beacon fires
Planet Earth is connected to the greater cosmos through this point.

The knowledge of pyramids is known

"From the sands of time
one of great wisdom and virtue rises.
In the sun again, will his eyes open and shine"

Pyramids as energy tools?

Pyramids by their very shape, function as one of the most powerful geometric amplifying forms found in nature. All matter at it's atomic level has specific geometry that affects the way in which it's energy moves through and from it. 

Geometry as found in nature can be used by us to harness and alter energy frequencys. We use this gift of nature in pyramids as an amplifying tool. When you duplicate the pyramids geometory by building a pyramid, all energy within the pyramid (including thought energy) will be amplified. 

Pyramids are used in healing & empowerment by making use of their virtue to amplify the energy vibrations of gemstones. When these specific frequencies are applied to the human body, they harmonize and strengthen particular organs, glands or tissues that ideally should beat to a specific rhythem. 

Vibrations from the gemstones require proper amplification if they are to satisfactorily stabilise and vitalise unstable or diseased tissues of the body. A pyramid functions as the amplifying chamber. 

By combining pristine energy signatures of nature (be it from crystalline structures, flower essences or colors etc.) with a source of suitable amplification,  energy levels sufficient to regulate and enhance health are manifested. 

Gemstones have points of resonance and harmony with different and specific parts of the body and mind. This fact allows us to create an amplified energy field that will, by induction, reharmonize the dissonance of a dis-eased area or excite ones mind into expanded states of awareness and empowerment.

Setting up Pyramids
For Optimum Results

Below you will find a few useful tips on how to set up a pyramid large or small
to get the best energetic responses for your healing or empowerment purposes.

  • The place you choose to set up your pyramid should be considered to have these qualities
    • a spot that is calm and free of mis-emotion, loud noise and people traffic.
    • away from sources of electricity and electrical appliances. This includes wires running in the floor or walls.
    • away from metallic objects, including the items your setup is sitting on.
    • a place where it can be left in position undisturbed for extended periods of time.
    • Maybe there is somewhere out doors and covered from the weather that will serve well.
  • Another reason to setup is for a given occasion such as a gathering of people, a healing session, or channel meeting.
    • Case the joint to find a spot that is useful, comfortable and not crowded by objects. A coffee table maybe?
    • Set your pyramid up in the usual manner and don't forget to acknowledge the creation of the energy field.
  • The surface you use as a platform for the setup should be positioned nicely level.
  • Before assembling the elements of the setup, it is important the you take time to cleans each of the items you are about to use in the setup. Remember this setup will greatly amplify any energies within it's reach so it is necessary to have clean elements to work with, this includes the general space in which the setup is to be located. For a reference on cleansing you may wish to check out this link.note that what I've written there, applies equally well here.
  • Now, place your pyramid at center of the setup. You'll need an accurate compass to orientate it to magnetic north. Take time to get this correct .
  • Now the basics are in place you can now add in other items to amplify the pyramid and bring into the setup energy flavors you wish to use. Such items may include quartz crystals, gemstones, sacred objects, colored fabrics (for it's color value) precious metals, photographs or original drawings, herbs, flowers, feathers, essential oils etc.
  • The way to add horse power to the setup is to use small raw quartz points. Use them in sets of 4 and place them at the corners of the pyramid. You can place another set half way along the base lengths. The drawing below is pretty full on as it also shows tiny DT's attached to the frame as well. Of course one may add items as one feels necessary or able, the decision is yours to feel for and learn how far to take.
This pyramid drawing shows quartz crystals added for greater field amplification
  • Now that you have the setup complete it is advised that you now consider it as a sacred place!
    • By that I mean one should fully respect it's purpose and energy dynamics.
    • Perform a blessing and dedicate it's use for responsible and delegated tasks.

    Be aware that this is an amplification module.
    Any attitude, emotion, thought or desire you bring, will increase
    So, you must take full responsibility for it's being!
    Be Cause of what You Gather.

Pyramidal energy dynamics as seen in it's entirity, an octrahedron
Pyramid Energy Dynamic's

The virtues of pyramid energy manifest in two distinct ways.
Harmonizer because by it's form as a pyramid, it symbolizes balanced perfection.
Accelerates movement of substance and energy towards a quantum into the next universal frequency band. In a nutshell, a pyramid will harmonize and power up. It attracts in "white light" and processes it into 3D

Pyramids and Quartz

go together like bestest best friends.
And just like Quartz is the most versatile & broard spectrum element in the mineral kingdom, so pyramids are universal componants of fundimental geometric forms.
Together these virtues create a universal crucible of light.