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Buy Stained glass Designs

All are $3.oo US ea.

These stained glass patterns are mostly advanced designs
and are intended for use with copper foil technique.
They can also be used as patterns for quilting.

Patterns are drawn at an A3 size.
Download files are high resolution A3 PDF's at 300 dpi and are scaleable.

Patterns will print at absolute minimum size. Only scale them larger. Do not scale smaller!

If you like a pattern, but need it's height or width changed, I can rescale or crop it for you.
Email me and I'll send you a modified pattern personally...

Purchase these for personal use only.
You are not entitled to resell my designs!

* Cats * African * Horses * Birds * Dogs * People * Other stuff *

Like to buy one?
Please email me with it's Title and I'll send it to you...


Cougar and cub

Cougar and cub stained glass design pattern

Lion and cub

lion and cub design pattern

Cody the cougar

cougar design pattern

Kitten face

Kitten face design pattern

Tiger face

Tiger face design pattern

Lion sisters

Lion sisters design pattern



Giraffe face design pattern

Elephant Face

elephants face design pattern

Elephant and calf

elephants and calf design pattern


Black horse

black horse design pattern

White horse

white horse design pattern

Young foul

sitting foul design pattern


Horse head

horse head design pattern



Eagle in flight

bald eale in flight design pattern

Eagle head

bald eagle head design pattern



Dashsund dog

dashshund dog design pattern

German Shepard

german shepard dog design pattern

Spaniel and Kitten

spaniel puppy and kitten design pattern


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe design pattern

Elvis Presley

Elvis Persley design pattern

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury design pattern


Will Smith

Will Smith design pattern


The Green Mile

note: this design is huge at 45 by 34 inches
It is large enough to crop and scale up to fit your own needs.... more details here

The Green Mile. Tribute to Micheal Clarke Duncan design pattern


Angel Laura

Angel Florence

Angel Dianna

Other Stuff

Scott Symbol

scott symbol design pattern

Whale fluke

whale fluke design pattern

Whale in circle

whale in a circle design pattern

Iris flower

Iris flower design pattern


frog on lily design pattern

Pink Floyd

pink floyd the wall design pattern


Merino sheep

merino sheep design pattern


Like to buy one?
Please email me with it's Title and I'll send it to you...

Design Service

If you need a specific design created for you,
I can do that. Email me

Would you like to learn how to do your own designs?
Check out my "Design from a picture tutorial"