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Hello Stained Glass Artist "wish to be".

I'm John, I am a self taught professional with 30 years experience with lead light and stained glass.
I have built hundreds of glass objects both flat and 3 dimensional, and have also mastered study techniques & disciplines in a formal academy environment. My approach to learning is pretty straight forward, read it - drill it - understand it - practise it, then on to the next step......

Let us assume that you already have a strong interest and desire to learn stained glass and seek to begin your journey today, here. The purpose of my tutorials is to provide a concise, step by step walk through of each process in it's natural order.

Each tutorial shall give you clear instructions, illustrations and video clips that are presented as episodes. Your job is to follow these episodes sequentially, observe the techniques closely until you are confident with each step.
When you reach the end of these tutorials, you will be confident enough to step out on your own journey of exploration in this enduring media. Good luck... :-)

When made well, the stained glass objects you build can endure far beyond your own life time.
Rejoice in knowing that the techniques you'll learn and artworks you shall soon build will be treasured for many many years to come......


OK, let's get started.....

Design stained glass from a picture