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3 dimensional objects are fun to build and quite the challenge to design.
The projects we'll discuss here are relatively straight forward one I trust you'll find inspiring enough to get you thinking about using glass in a 3 dimensional way.... :-)

3D butterfly

Below is the pattern for this 3D project. Copy it to your computer, then print it out on card paper.
It is best to cut this up into templates and use a marker pen to trace the shape on the glass of your choice.

Remember that the wings are cut twice, one up and one down....

3D butterfly template

Watch the following youtube tutorial for how to assemble the butterfly.

3D dolphin

This design is another straight forward project that you'll be able to complete in an afternoon.
Save the image below to your computer then print it to an A4 sheet of light card paper.

3D dolphin

Watch the following youtube tutorial for how to assemble this dolphin

Cases and terrariums

Using stained glass to build display cases, jewelry boxes, terrariums etc is very useful, challenging and beautiful. You'll need to pay good attention to accurate cutting and 3D assembly, it's very satisfying to complete these kind of objects... :-)

speciman box

The terrarium picture below, is a basic terrarium design with a removable lid.
I'd strongly suggest that you do not plant directly into the base, as it does not have a drainage hole. Rather, do as I have here, a drip saucer and the plant in it's own pot.... yes?

glass terrarium

Below is the pattern for this terrarium, save, then print it to A4 sized card paper at 100% scale. If you'd like to enlarge or small it's scale, go for it but not too much a?.... :-0

terrarium pattern

Watch the following youtube tutorial for how to assemble the terrarium