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I am now offering one on one stained glass courses in my studio at Kaiwaka, New Zealand.

Courses Overview

The basics of copper foiling.
For total beginners or those who have recently started in the craft....
You'll learn the right way to cut straight lines and curves, foiling skills and the fundamental soldering techniques. You will be taken through the whole process of flat panel copper foiling and you'll take home the completed project for the day. This course intensive is completed in a single day, with a course time of 6 hours.

The basics of lead lighting.
This is the same as above except you'll learn how to use lead canes as your joining media.

Specific Skills Courses.
Once you have mastered the craft's basics, there are other skills that can be focused on.
Flexibility is provided here as the student can choose and learn specific topics of interest.
If something in particular is giving you difficulty, we can resolve any specific problems you have...

* Design principles and pattern making. (3 hr's)
* Computer aided design and printing. (with Adobe Illustrator) (3 hr's)
* Difficult glass cuts. (3 hr's)
* Advanced soldering techniques. (3 to 4 hr's)
* Multiple layering of panels. (full day)
* Regular 3 dimensional objects (lampshades & such) (full day)
* Free form 3 dimensional projects. (full day)
* Repair copper foil and / or leadlight. (2 to 4 hr's)

These specific intensives vary in time, however each is delivered within a single day.

Course Fees

The basic intensives are 180.00 nz dollars

plus materials used ($20 to 30.)This covers 6 hr's tuition time, start at 10.00am, with half an hour for lunch and rapped up by about 4:30 / 5:00pm.

Specific Skills courses are $30.00 per hour

The cost depends on what is to be learnt.. i.e. how long it takes to achieve, plus the materials you have used during the day. Preferred start at 10:00am.


For enquiries and bookings please Email or phone John on 09 4318 216 anytime.

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