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Crystal Programming

   When you begin using programmed crystals, you will find that it works as an extension of your own consciousness. It is an intelligence template, a crystalline structure that will hold desired energy patterns stable for amplified duplication and transmission to specified places.

    The essence of programming crystals lies in formulating a clarified thought-form then, superimposing it into the crystal in a focused and coherent manner.This causes the crystal to respond receptively, thus altering its own patterns to an imprint of the program given. Well-formulated thoughts appear not as linear progressions of concepts, but as holographic, multi-dimensional images with geometric values and specific vibrational patterning. As holographic patterns, thought impinges on the upper universe levels creating a polarized field. The crystals atomic and sub-atomic energy levels comply with it in resonance.
The potential's existing within the "no time" "no space" levels of thought are considered to create stress directly upon manifestation probabilities in 3D. As ones' intentions and thoughts change, the shifting potential's influence the flows of 3.D. manifestation.

In programming a crystal, a tool is created which is essentially an extension of ones self. The intricacies of an individual's consciousness are also sensitively encoded along with the intended programming. After continued use by a person, a crystal becomes well keyed to its user and strong resonance is established between them. In effect, the crystals program serves as a template that pattern's in coming energy and emits that coherent, holographic form into the environment in an amplified manner. Fundamentally, whatever is programmed into the crystal will be duplicated, then (over time) will 'feed back' to the programmer. The intention of the programmer becomes a critical factor as to the nature of program and the results that will follow. Keep in mind that whatever you program in will duplicate back were you are so, always do programming with a clarity of consciousness, and integrity of intent.

There are two types of programs distinct in their spiritual qualities. These may be called Inspired programming and Personality programming. Inspired programming is facilitated by the aid of higher levels of awareness. Inspired programming includes the request of input from ascended individuals, angelic authorities etc. and is always in the users highest evolutionary interests.

    Personality programming on the other hand is the formation of intent that reflects ones desires and perceived needs in the physical world with no input from one's higher potentialities Although crystals with personality programs work perfectly well within the impartial laws of cause and effect, blocks to spiritual growth may well occur as personality centered desires for such things as adventure, wealth, sex or power may not be your actual "soul food". Be mindful, crystals are like double edged swords, the use of which calls for discernment and clarity of purpose.

A primary aspect of programming is learning how to interact well with the crystal. One's degree of success is directly related to the quality and clarity of communication established. Your easiest doorway is through your third-eye chakra, so holding a crystal to it is most useful. Next, find which facet on the termination seems to be the best 'window' into the crystal's interior. Position this facet so it is parallel to your brow and over the third eye. Slowly move the crystal directly from there outwardly 10 inches then slowly back to the forehead. You are feeling receptively for the strength of energy sensation stimulated in the chakra. Find the crystal position that gives the strongest feeling of harmony with you. Fine tune this sensation by slight variation of movement. Now, project your awareness through the 'window' and into the crystal's interior.

With a spirit of play, pretend you are breathing into the stone and drawing sensation back from it. By drilling this on a creative (imaginary) level, actual perception will be turned on sooner or later. Your breathing should be long, slow and with comfortable rhythm. This drill is intended to develop your receptive awareness so do not place expectancy on it, simply be open and playful. Drill this regularly until results come without effort . You will now be skilled to learn a programming routine.

Prepare yourself by getting comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed. Center your awareness, align yourself for connection with your higher-self and or 'light-beings.' Request guidance, assistance and protection during the process of programming. With the crystal in hand, focus your awareness to a silent point then, formulate the concept of the program at hand. A concise description of intent is needed which requires clarity of concept, a whole picture. Words alone are of little value, one must feel, be the program and create the image with minds eyes. So mock it up then make it more solid! Breathe yourself into it. Mock it up again then make it solid. You are building a clear thought, a powerful command of intent that grows clear as a holographic pattern of thought energy.

With the program fully developed, bring the crystal up to your forehead, connect with it (as learnt from the prior drill) then impose the program into the crystals interior. You need to hold the program steady and clear for at least one minute. Have certainty in making it stick.
Detach form the crystal and close the procedure with balancing back into 3.D. reality. With practice, this procedure will become easy. Allow yourself to develop your own style of programming as your familiarity and skill improve.

It is good to repeat a programming several times. This deepens the imprint and also brings higher clarity to the programmer's own mind. Once programmed, the crystal is a specialized extension of the person and there exists an energy tie between them regardless of distance.
The crystal must be carefully maintained so that gross unbalancing influences do not disturb the crystal and it's user. It is wise to put your personal crystals through regular cleansing and clearing routines. The most effective means of utilizing programmed crystals for personal use is to carry them with you and put your attention directly upon them.

Erasing Programs:

With a well-programmed crystal, clearing and cleansing procedures will not erase the program. To erase a program, go through the usual programming procedure. Formulate the intent to erase with 'erase the existing program.' Impingement needs to be done effectively once.
Following this, give the crystal a good cleansing. It is now ready for a new program.

Multiple Programs:

Many programs can be imprinted within one crystal. So long as each is harmonically interrelated i.e. has similar characters of command, they will function effectively. For example, one would not put a communication program in with healing programs, as they will tend to neutralize the effectiveness of both. When programming another in, do it in the usual manner, you will not damage any programs already present. To selectively erase a program use the usual technique and intentionally state the program to be removed. To erase all programs contained within, the intent is "wipe all."

Programming Clusters:

Clusters are groups of 3 or more points joined at their base. Each crystal can be individually programmed with different but harmonically related programs. Together the cluster creates a symphony of vibrations.