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Knowledge pond

How does a crystal work?
A brief look at how many are formed and why they hold so much virtue.

Centering ones self
To use crystals effectively one needs to have a entered state of mind from which to work.
I tell of 4 fundamental ways to achieve this balance.

The Cleansing, Charging and Activation of Crystals
The differences between these are explained.
As they are as energy tools,
and ways of working with their energy.

Crystal Programming
To program crystals is to pass energy to them clearly and focused
so that it will be mimicked by the stone.

Diversity of Programming
Here, possible applications for crystals are given.
One should be aware that our abilities and command reaches way beyond the physical plane.
Ones conscious state can penetrate the membrane that vials our world.
Crystalline technology is a tech. that is able to help bridge some gaps.

Crystal Water Generator
Imagine the hit one would get if drinking pure crystal water was the go for a few weeks.
Consider adding the strength of powerful energy supplements for the purposes of accelerated healing,
body detox, academic learning, self empowerment, or ascension.

Reconciling Spirit with Science
When technology is derived from truth and is manifested with purity of integrity
it can be seen as an expression of one's spiritual core.

The Keys of Abundance
Too often is measured by the numbers one counts with possessions!
Abundance. A condition of joy's power that comes from within too numerous to sum!

Study is fun when you know how
As an academy sup. I know that students out there all over the world
are struggling because study technology is not well known and applied.
Anyone can learn pretty much anything you seek if you know the 3 easy rules.


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