Karal Studio's

Reconciling Spirit with Science

Science, it's root word being "scire" means to know and from physics "phusis" meaning, the nature of things. What has for so long been separated, the quest for universal truth and the physical search of universal law are, in fact 2 halves of one subject; the interaction of spirit with the physical and the non-physical worlds.

Looking at the big picture, it is necessary to acknowledge that all truth in manifestation or in potentiality is existent and knowable. There are no truly original thoughts except on the level where an individual conceived it for himself for his 'first time.' Ones personal growth involves the acquiring of truth, thus expanding the reach of ones 'head space' into larger areas of  awareness. From this comes an ever expanding knowledge and understanding of ones 'field of play'.

Science and technology are a direct reflection of the consciousness that manifests it. The closer consciousness is aligned to truth, the greater the effectiveness of the science. The cornerstone of 'interdimensional science' is its total alliance with spiritual truth and divine law. Interdimensional science is the vehicle that will unfold our individual and collective evolution.

Light based technologies extend consciousness to a greater magnitude of ability through the use of tools and applications that perform specific functions. Any tech. (technology) is therefore the manifestation of an individual's intent to achieve. When tech. is derived from truth and is manifested with purity of integrity, it can be seen as an expression of one's spiritual core. You are "The bright spark."

Know that 'light tech is not the greater goal, but only a route to broader freedom and beingness. Do not glorify any tech., the tech. is brought into being to help spirit achieve glory. As mankind grows on a spiritual level, so does its access to greater areas of universal knowledge. This is our divine heritage and those who choose to link into en-lightened tech. will achieve great things.

Current day science and tech. are founded upon the physical element exclusively. It is driven by the vested interests of the controlling few, political manipulations and philosophically soulless rule. From the perspective of our spiritual half, humanity has divorced its self from its source of beingness by denying the fundamental elements of existence.

Sacred science glorifies creation but orthodox science desecrates our planet with pollution, rapes it's resources and deadens our minds to the consequences. Nuclear blackmail, man's violence to humanity is fueled by ever advancing 'techno, toys'. Sadly, many sciences of today are ignorant of their own true goals and purposes, others are simply overtly evil. Even what can be seen as positive aspects of orthodox science is floored because of the fundamental errors in it's basic logic's.

When universal truth is inserted into the fundamental philosophies, logic's and axioms, science will become enlightened with wholeness, harmony and efficient effectiveness. At center, the flaw with orthodoxy is one of consciousness. Aligned with universal truth it bears 'light filled fruits' but misaligned consciousness inevitably results in discord.