Karal Studio's

Crystal Water Generator

Water, the liquid medium of life.
The carrier and universal agent of organic form.
It may be considered as crystalline and is defiantly vital.
Without it's magic, no organic life will manifest.

Crystal water generator

Water is the solvent of life for us on planet Earth, upon it's back is carried many substances, dissolved within it's own form. Water also is also a vehicle for energy. It may be vitalized, saturated with life force then moved from place to place. Crystal water is used here as an energy infusion for ones cellular energy body's.

Assimilated into the system, it enters the blood stream. The energy charge and given program is transferred to the boicrystalline aspects of the blood which flows to all cells of ones body. The cells are fed with the charge, subtly effecting their bioenergy levels. Subtle but profound influences are exerted upon the DNA causing recrystallization processes which correspond to the original programming imprinted into the water generators program crystal.

Prolonged exposure to these infusions causes the cells and DNA to progressively restructure. Higher harmonics of the cosmic will become available to one's organic system, thus creating a stronger interdimensional linkage with one's "lighter" self. Over time, these effects facilitate profound transmutations of consciousness.

To make a generator

You will firstly require a large jar. The above is glass however a stoneware jar is better.
Then, find 8 matching (preferably quality natural) quartz points around the size of ones thumb. They need to be stood upright so square bases are desired. Use clay or putty for those that need support. Take 6 and stand them in a circle around the jar to form a star of David. To get accuracy of position you may draw a perfect star onto which is located the jar and crystals. The seventh quartz point is used as the programming crystal and is placed inside the jar. The program it bares is one you have prepared specifically for this purpose. Fill the jar with good water then cover it with it's lid. Onto the lid place the final crystal standing upright. This stone will encourage a strong vertical directional flow of energy through the generator you've created. Where possible, find a framed pyramid and place it on top of the jar. Do whatever you consider is necessary to bless and activate the arrangement. The choice of location for the generator is important, a quiet spot, undisturbed and away from disruptive influences such as electrical appliances, heat sources, radiations and foot traffic.

It will take 48 hours to saturate the water fully. Always leave the crystal water within the generator as the charge it has will rapidly dissipate if it is separated from the generators influence. The water is best used straight from the generator without any additives. Preparing boiled drinks from it is no good as the boiling will rapidly dissipate the charge. For optimal results, replace your normal fluid intake with crystal water. Using this tool is not an instant fix! Changes occur gradually but surely and one can expect profound shifts in consciousness with diligent use.