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Diversity Of Programming.   

The diversity of programming is a second bulletin on this subject and looks briefly at further applications. Healing energies can be used to target specific ailments by the use of affirmations, visualizations and pure energy patterns from crystals as programs. By keeping such crystals upon ones person, and with focused attention your cells and tissues, your whole being is continually exposed to the crystals healing instructions.

Affirmations, visualizations, spiritual symbols, and mandalas can each be programs which will there after chant the specified intent on your behalf. They are used to add strength of conviction whilst doing creative mind-space work.

Color can be programmed in.

Place the crystal in direct sunlight (expose with a full days worth) wrapped in colored gel, plastic or covered by stained glass. The theatrical color gels work best as their colors have specific values. Multiple colors may be programmed into a single crystal then applied individually or collectively according to the healing need.


Tuning forks, musical instruments, musical compositions and mantras are all useful with programming. With tuning forks, place the vibrating fork's handle directly on the crystal. Repeat the procedure for 10 minuets once a day for 7 days. Keep the crystal in a 6 point gridwork (data on gridwork can be found in K Pool. "Gridwork") whilst the programming process progresses over the week. Use the same procedure for programming tones or cords with musical instruments. To impart an entire composition or mantra, a recording is played with 2 speakers set up on opposite sides of the gridwork pointing directly at the crystal in the center.

Environmental influences can be absorbed as a program.

Energy essence patterns such as one's favorite spot, or the vibes form a particular tree, a flowing stream or the earthiness of a cave can each be captured for use. Prepare the crystal in the usual way for programming, ask for divine assistance then leave the crystal in the desired place for at least a week. Remember to solicit the help of devic entities associated to the energy you are seeking.

Vortex areas and holy ground are blessed with powerful energy currents and an abundance of light. By programming these into a crystal you can utilize it's energy without having to be on location to receive it. Prepare the crystal then ask for permission and assistance from the power-sites guardians. When possible leave the crystal within the site for a week. If you can not leave it in place, focused meditation and cramming of it's vibes will achieve your goal.

Energy signatures of particular star systems, specific light-beings, guides, angelic entities etc. can be captured as programs to establish direct and continuous links with it and ones self. To achieve this, set up a 6 point gridwork around a 12 inch pyramid in a quiet, harmonious and undisturbed place. Prepare the crystal to be used as the link, then place it at the center of the grid. Stand directly over the set up then find your communication link with your chosen entity. Ask for permission to establish a solid communication line through the crystal.

Links with other people can be strengthened by the exchange of crystals. As the giver, you would put "yourself into the stone" and acknowledge the energy you share with the other. As the carrier of the stone, you will be able to call to presence the other with your focus and the linking will occur. Once permission is received, ask for assistance with the programs energy signature, then imprint it into the crystal. Leave the crystal within the gridwork and repeat this process once a day for the next week.

Other possibilities for programming include dream state enhancement, emotional healing, astral traveling, mental clarity, chakra activation and balancing. Really, the ways in which programming can be applied is limited only by ones innovation and skill. I wish you well with your energies, enjoy using your programmed crystals, Miracles may occur for you!

Always know that clarity and integrity are key.