Karal Studio's

Keys Of Abundance

Much of what is here you may say 'Ah yes I already know this stuff',' but the power in the meanings will function only when it is fully digested and applied with conscious intent. It is suggested that you ponder each ideal carefully, especially those which you know you are out of step with.


Physicality is a place where all possibilities form into their ultimate expression.
Anything is possible in the 3 rd dimension. Any state of mind can have expression because of the infinite diversity and abundance of this universe. Any desire, need or dream you have is attainable because it is already out there somewhere for you to find.

Purposeful Service

Each of us has a true purpose in life.
Ask yourself honestly " How can I be of best service to myself and others?" Your excitement and dreams will provide direction. By doing those things which best reflect who you are at center, you will be of best service to others and thus there will be a demand for your skills. Follow your true aims in life and you will find love in your work.

Rejoice In Success

Achievement is a cause for rejoice.
Exalt the success of others, especially your competitors and those who consider themselves as enemies. By praising their success you solicit goodwill and their defensive stance may transmute to an alliance.


This is a condition of mind that commands a high standard of result. It is necessary to clarify standards in order to achieve the desired outcome without question or hesitation.

Failure Brings Learning

Look at failure as a step towards achievement. From every failure can be found reasons why and how. Understandings achieved from "negative feedback" will point the way towards a greater knowing for your next attempt. Failures are fuel for future attempts and inevitable success.

The GOD Phone

Unless a request is actually clearly stated and delivered, there is no hope of achievement. "
Ask and you shall receive" is such a simplicity that most can't use it effectively because it is too simple to actually take for real. In order to use the God Phone you simply pick up the receiver, ask, then put it down. Simple! Keep it that way. Do not insult the ultimate power with any additives your limited consciousness is dying to put in. Your complicated mind loves a via, the more the better the problem appears. Via's add up to stops and barriers, doubt and eventually confusion. Understand that power is simplicity and ultimate power is infinitely simple. So, your God Phone user instructions are as follows: Pick up the hand piece. It is done with total silence of mind. Do not start this action with "thoughts in mind". Silence Of mind is your area code and phone number. Ask! This is done with certainty, clarity, and with total integrity of intent. Remember you will receive what you ask for so make certain you are asking for the "right thing". Put down the handset. Your asking is done, disconnect from the line. To ponder about your need is to hang onto the handset and question the power you have summonsed. Be receptive to opportunity and take action when they show up.

Focus On Happiness For All

The pursuit of happiness is a goal in it's self.
It is a condition of spirit which manifests as greatest good for greatest number. To believe that one will be happy when something else is achieved is to forfeit your happiness in the now moment! Acknowledge the goodness there is inside of your being, cherish that goodness and show it with actions of goodness for yourself and others.

Intention Commands Power

To intend is to make it so despite obstacles distance or counter-intention. Intention is the command value which pushes through the barriers blocking the path to the goal. Without it your convictions are hollow. It is ones intention that provides the single mindedness of purpose that is needed to get good results.

Judgment Will Hang You

Judgment of people and things is a constant evaluation of good against evil and is always viewed from ones own model of morality.
Let go of judgment and the responsibility of everyone else's deeds is lifted from your mind and shoulders. Your judgment of others is not an asset, it is a clear burden. Your mind will be a much quieter, calmer servant without it's distractive influence. Any opportunity to drop the minds critical chatter is defiantly a step towards the power of silence.


Love yourself, love your family, friends, customers and citizens. Love everyone, love the whole world, for by doing so you grow in power to become as big as those you embrace with love.

Back Others Goals

Helping others manifest their goals is a sure way of ensuring your own goals will be supported. Motivation and support are a cyclic pair.

Say No To Negativity

Taking control of your own negative thoughts is being your own best friend. Whenever they rise you must say to yourself "Next" and move on. It also means not hanging around negative people because negativity is infectious and will cloud your own energy.

Knowing Ones Purpose

Each of us has a primary purpose to realize. Once this purpose is realized one's full potentiality is then tapped. The depth of your being becomes available for your use in manifesting your purpose. Your life will flow with greater certainty and direction.


Question ideology, dogma and social indoctrination. By who's authority is this so? Which beliefs do I consider as truth? It is only by questioning what is taken for granted, what is considered as routine can you break out of the hypnosis of social conditioning.


This is as good as giving. To gratefully receive is to validate the expression of the one giving. Indeed, anyone who is unable to receive is equally unable to give as both actions are but polarities of flow.


Money is like blood, it must flow for it to serve it's purpose. Hoarding and holding onto it causes a stagnation. Money is the 3 rd dimensional representation for life energy that we exchange for goods and services with others. In order to keep it flowing in, it must be kept in circulation.

Beyond The Boundaries

Being continuously grounded in physicality one is liable to loose sight of ones true spiritual aspects that goes way beyond all this physical stuff.
The image we mock-up for ourselves and others, masks of social conduct, our behavior so often motivated by past experience and future anticipation's. All this is additive and transitory to who, each of us really is. It is necessary to disconnect from the linear perspective of everyday existence and reestablish a communion with ones timeless essence. Through meditation one finds an inner calmness and peace which puts the busyness of life into a realistic perspective..


The power of honesty, truth, integrity, love and faith are what builds greatness. Corrupt these values and all knowledge, wealth and life decays. Your personal ethic provides the direction for right action. You must maintain ethical integrity if you are to stand in the light of happiness and good fortune.

Express Thanks

Express an appreciation to all who have given help. You should never pretend appreciation, but when it is felt, one would show so. Gratitude is a powerful flow that generates even more of what we have already received.

Personal Power

When you identify with objects, circumstances, and people to provide a measure of your well-being, you are granting them power to determine your level of strength. Energy flow is from you to it. This weakens your own power. When your identity comes from within yourself, your empowerment is self contained and will stay with you.

Put Your Best Into It

The quality of your outcome has everything to do with how much of your own energy you put into it. When one does ones very best to achieve, your reward is always superior to any half hearted attempt. So settle for nothing short of your highest ideals and the universe will respond in the same way.

Be Carefree And Charitable

Being carefree is a condition of mind which does not cling to stuff and implies an abundance is present. This brings a stability of confidence and strength of courage. Regardless of how much you have, if you create constant worries you will never have enough to give any away. Carefreeness and charity permits things to flow through and is an affirmation of wealth.