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Architectural Stained Glass

Don's home, Kaukopakopa NZ

Welcome to the house that Don Built

You'll like his curved walls, and the glass work too.

Stained glass in the Stairwell.

3 by 1 metre curved stained glass panel
This window curves down the wall of the "barn" and lights the main stairwell of the home.
It is 3 panels, each one is a curved panel of metre square.
The window features sculptured, double layered stained glass.

View of upstairs towards the stair well and stained glass

curved cellings
The two pictures above show the upstairs area of the house.
It has a nice ambiance which is created by the curved walls, ceilings and railings.

The entranceway

the front door stained glass enteranceway

This window is the latest completion for Don's home.
The woodern joinery was designed, and installed, complete with clear glass on the out side.
The panels are on the inside of the frames and feature a second lay of detailing i.e. vines and insects.

Linda myself and Don

Architectural Stained Glass Commissions welcome

Designing stained glass into the architecture of a building plan is the very best way
to add aesthetic character to a new building.
The glasswork can be located to catch the sunlight and project colour where it's wanted.
It will also enhance the overall visual appeal of enteranceways, feature windows and sky lighting.
So, to all you architects out there take note and use stained glass to complete your visual effects.



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