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Flowforms are functional water vessels, used for their ability to revitalize and oxygenate.
My interest here is pretty obvious, particularly the aesthetic angle. 
Flowforms and whirlpools are incredibly captivating to watch and build.

So far I've gained many understandings by building and observing my own set of sculptures.

Applications of these beautiful items are related primarily to the revitalization of water
Rapid organic decomposition of biodegradable wastes by aerobic bacterial processes
Their aesthetic value as sculptured water channels, vessels creating fluid curls....

Overview of Flowform bowls

The Flowform bowls are like 2 dishes joined together.
Water flows in from the bowl above through the centre.
In flowing water tends towards one dish as backwash from the other pushes across the flow. 
The water then sweeps around the dish towards the back,
then across the inflow to the front of the other dish. 
As a consequence a pulsing wash of water flip flops to and fro. 
This action stirs, folds and whirlpools the water 
in an endless cascade of naturally induced oxygen enrichment.

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