Karal Studio

"The wonders of Water."

I'm most pleased you've found your way this area of the site, as it is my greatest passion to understand the nature of this sacred substance the life blood of our planet earth and facilitator of all life.
Water is indeed a remarkable thing, and the importance of clean, healthy, living water is of great importance to us all. Water technology is tech. you have a right to know, for your health, long life, gardening & food, agriculture, forestry. It also applies directly to hydro-electricity, motor vehicle fuel, implosion engines, levitation, and self empowerment.

This page will link you to areas of interest I've already gathered data on and wish to share with you.
My hope is that it will stir your curiosity to take action and experiment with the virtue of liquid life!!

Viktor Schauberger
longitudinal vortex
I Solute to a wise man, a visionary and humanitarian.
Here is "Living Water" the vortex, fundamental implosion tech. and levitation!!

Stanley Meyer

Ask of it correctly by pulsed high frequency input, water will divide into it's component parts with ease
and deliver quality and quantity fuel, thermal energy and implosion forces on demand.

The Joe cell

A water fuel cell that accumulates and channels it's 4th Dimensional counterpart....... Orgone energy.
This device is too nonlinear & fundamental for most Barneys to comprehend .!!
Proceed with caution.


Twin whirlpool
Man made vessels designed to duplicate the natural movement of water.
Used to oxygenate, purify and revitalize water resources.

Vortex dishes

Vortex dishes
Inspired by Viktor Schauberger I've build these new vessels.
A must see... !!