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Viktor Schauberger
13th of June 1885 to 25th September 1958

    Anyone with an interest in their own health, in agriculture, ecology and even the well being of our precious planet must include the knowledge of Viktor Schauberger in their studies. By the close observation of nature, Viktor unraveled the secrets of our planet's life giving liquid, the blood of our earth and most valuable resource WATER.

    Alas, much of his work fell on deaf and cowardly ears, for so powerful were the things he clarified that his inventions were abused, ignored, destroyed or invalidated by those of self vested power with small minds and covert intent.

    If he had been heard, understood and embraced, many of our worlds troubles would be resolved. From his technology of "Living Water" comes an endless supply for drinking and even enough to quench the thirsts of deserts so that they may grow crops. His understanding of it's nature of flow led to devices that harness the power of centripetal motion and implosion. From the vortex comes the frictionless generation of electricity, powerful kinetic motive power and levitation!!

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Some books written on Viktor Schaubergers Tech.
Book title Author ISBN Cover
Schauberger Compilation Callum Coats 1858600111 No picture available
The Water Wizard Viktor Schauberger
(Translator) Callum Coats
1858600480 The water wizard
Living Water Olof Alexandersson 094655157X Living water
Living Energies Callum Coats 0946551979 Living energies
Nature As Teacher Viktor Schauberger 1858600561 nature as teacher
The Vortex. Key to future Science David Ash 1858600197 doh, no picture

For what reasoning is a compost heap take an egg shape??
Why an egg shaped compost heap?
from "Living Energies" by Callum Coats

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The following is just a tiny peek at some fundamental data Viktor Schauberger has revealed.
It has relevance for us all, and I trust it will stimulate you to think, then take action.
notes from the book "Living Energies"

Water, as it relates to drinking water.

Without water, organic life would not exist.

We all require it, and when we use poor quality water we covertly compromise our good health.

Global thoughtless use and abuse of our earths water has now gotten to a point where our entire planet is at risk of pollution and disease and ultimately major planetary catastrophe.
Many an opportunist will profit from the "clean water" that he sells, you are already being encouraged to use it, and guess what?? The water you buy in the shops is still not up to the vitalizing, nourishing quality your body deserves...!!
So, in the now, mankind's continued ignorance and abuse will destroy the fundamental resources of our earth....... it's water, air and soils. Without these things we can never expect to see prosperity, good health or personal freedom as a human right.

So, lets take a look at what Viktor reckons when it comes to determining water that is good to drink.

Distilled water
    Distilled water is evaporated to steam then condensed as a pure fluid; it appears chemically clean. In this state water by it's intrinsic nature will draw to it's self anything it can dissolve in order to fulfill a basic function,.... that as a carrier of substance. Distilled water will only remain so as long as it is not given the opportunity to make contact with soluble materials.
Drinking distilled water as a regular routine is dangerous!! It acts as a purgative and will strip tracy elements and minerals from your body!!
Don't buy too much of this stuff at the shops and don't use a distiller to drink from...... you have been warned!

Rain water
    With an unpolluted atmosphere, rainwater is the purest naturally occurring water in nature, but unfortunately much of our globe no longer has this occur as acid rain is a direct consequence of our ignorant ways. Like distilled water, rainwater is unsuitable as drinking water and should also be avoided over a long term basis. Rainwater could be seen as a young adolescent that has yet to go through the maturing process the earth provides.

Juvenile water
    This water comes from the ground, often from great depths and forced upwards (maybe appearing as a geyser) or pumped to the surface as from a deep bore. It is still lacking it's quota of minerals and is deficient in dissolved carbons. As drinking water goes, it's marginal at best.

Surface water
    It has contact with the earth so the opportunity of it to dissolve materials is present. Keep in mind that pollutants with in a particular area are definite minus points. Surface water is also generally exposed to direct sunlight, and when collected into and stored in an open dam, the water's energy value becomes damaged by the influences of the heat and light. Note: drinking water should never be exposed to direct sunlight....!!

    Retrieved from the ground, this water is getting pretty good as it generally has a high dissolved mineral content. In it's journey above the impervious sub stratum it may appear as seepage springs in gullies, or as shallow wells.

Spring water
    The prime source of vitalizing drinking water. It is ripe in minerals, trace elements and dissolved carbons. It's high state of vitality is seen in it's shimmering energetic bluish colour, no other water looks like this. The water rises from the earth with the qualities of  levitation, it is very cool and will approach the anomaly point of +4 C. The streams they create are collection points for drinking water, and provided the stream is not contaminated by agriculture and human habitation, it remains very drinkable, well worth the finding......

    Viktor invented a machine that could use most any unpolluted water and process it into spring water. With this machine he acquired the name "The Water Wizard" because the water he produced had powerful healing qualities. Viktor was able to achieve the remission of cancer for many people, but he soon came into opposition with the authorities who accused him of charlatanism and being unqualified to practice healing. His machine was confiscated and destroyed.....!!

    Storage of drinking water.

    If you are fortunate to live within reach of true spring water or quality ground water, I'd strongly recommend that you collect it, take it home and drink just it.!!
On missions I've travelled to get water for the Joecell and also for drinking water, (Putaruru) I've collected it in large glass bottles. Brim full them, then seal them with a cork. Ensure you leave no air in the bottle as this helps to stop the water from slopping around inside. Secure them well for your journey, then cover to keep out sunlight. Once home, transfer the water to your storage vessel. A suitable storage vessel for your drinking water must comply with a few fundamental parameters.

With these parameters in mind, an egg shaped container is made from terra cotta clay. The terra cotta is porous and allows evaporation to occur on it's outside surface thus facilitating both cooling and circulation. It stands on a vitrified clay (being water proof) base. It has a lid and ideally a spigot tap made from wood.
I've attempted to build these vessels however all of them have leaked water beyond an acceptable amount. It will take the experance of skilled potter to get the vessel just short of vitrified condition.

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