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The Joe Cell.
Of all the water tech. I've documented within these pages, the Joe cell is the one that got me started on all this water stuff in the first place
and the thing which has held my attention for over 3 years.

Four seamless concentric tubes of 316 stainless steel comprise the heart of the "orgone capacitor"
The pic to the right shows 12 volts DC being applied and you can see streams of gas rising then flowing outwards before breaking the surface.
Power cell
The power cell above, has a coned collector that focuses the orgone upwards to the delivery tube.
This cone bolts onto the body of the cell.

Cone stack
This shows my stack of 5 inch cones used in the charging vat.
The arrangement is submerged into a stainless steel drum and electrified with DC power.
It is used to prepare the water for the power cell.

A couple of months ago I was privileged to receive some pointers from a friend who has had face to face conversations with Joe. It was said that Joe is still under continuous observation by the suits. He has been warned by threat of violence not to pursue any further experimentation with his knowledge...!!

    Below are key points of stable data for your consideration.
You will need to ponder upon these datum's carefully and understand the whys.

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