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single whirlpool viewing vessel

Introduction to Whirling.
Nature moves in spirals.

By defining curved vessels with symmetrical proportions, water can be given the guidance needed to propagate multiple vortexes in a single body of water.

If you are not already familiar with the knowledge that gathers about the inward spin of a vortex, I strongly recommend you find out, Read more about Viktor Schauberger.

Whirlpool & Whirlwinds = Whirl power

When one looks into nature for solutions, mimicry and open mindedness is key.
Victor Schauberger used his eyes and ears and allowed the creatures of the forest and the mountain streams to show the way to perform work while maintaining natures balance. Truth found in any body of knowledge is only as good as the knowledge is workable. Never under estimate the fundamental phenomena seen in nature.
The data presented here will demonstrate our attempts to apply the above ideals. An intense study of Victor Schaubergers works and Jonathan Wilks sparked the making of our first whirlpool dishes which mimic the motion of water in nature and are known to perform valuable work. Whirling of water (or any fluid for that matter) into a vortex is predominated by centripetal forces which causes an inward spiral of motion. Kinetic energy is condensed into a high rotational velocity and solids tend towards the centre. This phenomena is natures tool of formation and order. The photo below demonstrates this maxim clearly in the leaf shape.

Our experiments with whirlpool vessels so far have produced not only wonderful aesthetic effects, but also deeper understandings with the dynamics involved and several useful devices that deliver conditioned water for people, pets, and stock drinking water. Use of the whirling will now be used with the wind by inducing whirlwinds and harnessing what is called whirl power. Consider a whirling much like a lens focuses light. When sunlight is focused it concentrates... the whirling will concentrate the kinetic energy (rotational velocity) of the wind and then apply it to perform work / whirl power.

whirlpool showroom

bird bath

This is a free standing water feature with a reservoir of water inside it's pedestal. It has a twin whirlpool dish and flood shelf in the front. This water drains off to the back of the shelf and down a small orifice. It is built with birds in mind provide them with drinking water and a place to bathe. Position it nearby in garden shade. It may be rigged to a hose for self filling.

Linda and I finished the hollow egg

I am pleased to anounce the release of my tutorial series on how to build my whirlpool vessels. You are welcome to learn and apply it so you may have this dancing whirling water in your home.

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The Drawing

The sand pit

The cement

The water entry

The plinth

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