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Whirlpools Photo gallery

as of jan 2002

whirlpool vessel 4 whirlpools
Small quad dish

whirlpool vessel 4 large whirlpools
Large blue Quad dish
whirlpool vessel 2 whirlpools
Animal drinking Trough
whirlpool vessel 4 whirlpools
Gentle pond quad dish
whirlpool vessel 4 whirlpools in water
Free standing quad dish

whirlpool vessel cascade
Twin Vortex cascade
whirlpool vessel cascade
Twin vortex dish
whirlpool vessel animal drinking trough
Twin dish within trough
whirlpool vessel whirlpool sculpture
Single vortex

Rollover dish followed by flowform
twin whirlpools
Twin Whirlpools


whirlpool vessel cascade

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