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Stanley Meyer.
Thermal energy from water.
    Everyone knows that hydrogen and oxygen can be split from water by the application of electricity across plates submerged in a container of water. This is called hydrolysis and it requires a lot of electrical energy to produce worthwhile volumes of gases. Not only is this process energy hungry but the gases produced are also very dangerous to store and they burn too rapidly to be of effective use as fuels.

    Stanley Meyer has worked with these problems (1970's to 1991) and has invented devices that solve beyond expectation all of the related difficulties in harnessing water as a fuel. The knowledge developed by him is relatively easy to grasp and can be applied by anyone with electrical, handyman skills and a decently good home workshop.

    In a nutshell,..... water will break into it's elemental parts when exposed to a specific electrical polarity and condition. The first trick is to modify the electrical input so that it resonates in synchronization with the water and it's cell. When the pulse train is at resonance and voltage high, a correctly set up cell consumes mear milli amps of power yet, water is rapidly converted to it elemental gases. When this gas mixture is mixed with air and noncombustible gases (exhaust gas) it will burn with a slow enough combustion rate to use as petrol substitution. Storage of the fuel gas is not required as the fuel is produced instantly on demand.

    If these elemental gases are further exposed to excitement by the resonating stimulus of electrical fields and laser energy, intense thermal explosive energies will be released which are the result of entire molecular disintegration!! See drawing at the top of this page.
A new form of nuclear energy?

    I've also been fortunate to learn as what has been described as "Cold Electricity" This form of electricity was first described and utilized by N Tesla with his wireless transmission of power. The device uses high voltage DC pulsed through a spark gap. Electrostatic fields are gathered. This process effectively splits the magnetic component from the electric. Liberated from the bonds of magnetism, the electric field is an entirely different and highly dynamic animal!! Note that Stan's device also has a high DC voltage pulsed and a spark gap....... 

Below you'll find material from 7 US patients lodged by Stan in 1991

The zip files contain an html doc. of the patient and it's associated drawings.
Production of a fuel gases zip
Gases generator. Voltage control circuit zip
Gases injector system zip
Electrical generator zip
Gases burner zip
Start-up shut-down for gases burner zip
Thermal energy from gases zip

    The above patients will keep anyone busy for quite some time. I know I have, and all I've learnt from them appears both plausible and most exciting stuff. I've not done much in the way of building circuits as electronics are not my thing, mind you, if any of you out there are working towards functioning devices or have got workable results, I'd love to know how things are going...

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