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An Introduction to the Types and Uses of Crystal Wands.
natural double laser quartz wand

Pocket wands - Palm wands - Induction wands - Power rods - Laser wands - Special editions

As the field of crystal technology unfolds, ideas, methods and tools are emerging to help us open to areas of awareness long suppressed but present within each of us. My personal experiences and developments as an artist and 'seeker' has brought me here.

I would like to share with you some ideas, information and functional crystal tools to assist you. Crystals have been used by human cultures down through the ages for one purpose or another. It's knowledge and application has largely been held in secrecy by the mystic, magician, healer and shamans. Royalty too knows of it's virtues. Stones and gems were more than a show of wealth and position. The king who wears his crown and holds a scepter does so to amplify his presence both on the physical and meta-physical levels. The presence of many stones arranged with such creative and geometric precision is deliberate. The energy moving through and around them can be very intense.

A wand is a multi-functional crystal tool which when used by an educated hand, can be applied to a wide variety of 'energy tasks.
A wands shaft holds several stones in a setting together. This creates the fundamentals of the group and sets the wands geometric form and harmonizing values. The types of stones present will determine it's main characteristics including the 'flavor,' volume, directions and intensity of energy absorbed, transferred or emitted.

Pocket Wands

mini pocket wandsThese are the smallest and simplest it gets for this description. Here, the two stoned pocket wand displays the fundamental parts of any wand, the point and butt. The three shown here are able to stand on their pyramid bases. A pyramid will draw from it's base with it's flow focused at the root of the quartz point. The points on these wands are all natural laser quartz.  As the name suggests, a laser sends a focused point of energy.  You will see that 2 of these have cabes attached to the base of the points.  These I call signature stones which flavor the wand with it's energy signature.  Although these little wands are but a 100mm long, they deliver a sharp point.

3 stone crystal pocket wand

An Amatrine and amethyst Pocket wand. 3 stone, 150mm.  Now we come to multiple stone pocket wands.  These bring diversity by giving the user more opportunities to blend several programs at once.  Notice this 3 stone wand has a amethyst ball on the butt.  The flow of energy through balls are very different than that of pyramids.  So, the choice of shapes on main stones is a significant factor when choosing a wand. Design variations are many, small wands can have other stones and things on them to.  I personally tend to keep them quite simple but effective. The area of delight that will personalize your wand is to decorate them with small symbols, ribbons, etc.  A pouch is a worthy part of the whole too.  It is practical of course, so all of Karal Studios are finished in silk and satin pouches.  The colours used to house the item in is also significant and is done in keeping with the chosen theme or overall feel of the piece.

6 stone crystal amethyst pocket wand.This piece has a pair of opposing clear quartz and amethyst pyramids; a straddled pair of Amatrine double termination points topped with two consecutive amethyst D.T. points.  Finished in a two toned purple silk and velvet pouch.  This is a compact but versatile and punchy little number which can be put to work on many mindful tasks.

Palm Wands
Basic crystal and copper palm wand.

This next size up is the first to employ a tube of copper to create a shaft.  Palm wands are sized to fit the hand, up to 160mm long.  A ball is used for the butt as a collector of your palms Chi energy.  The users energy is focused then amplified at the ball.  It then travels the surfaces of the shaft and feeds the point with it's energy form.  The points job is to further amplify and modulate the energy, then beam it forward much like water from a hose. Wands of this size are good for healers working on others as they are handled easily and are not too strong.

Signature stones (sig.) can also be placed over the point. Sig's introduce another element of vibration.  They Flavor the overall energy character of the piece with their presence.  This is particularly relevant when the user is directing Chi through the sig.  It's excitement is transferred to the mainstone below which will then amplify and discharge the form at the termination.

Induction Wands
These are getting into the larger sized pieces  They employ all of the previous concepts and bring still more.
crystal technology Induction wand.

crystal wand
This one shows a raw laser quartz point with a pyramid butt.  Notice the pyramids apex is facing inside the shaft to feed it's form directly towards the front. Multiple sig's. are often used to bring specific character and energy dynamic to the wand.  The above piece has citrine, moss agate and leopard skin jasper as it's extras and so it can be considered as an energy specific wand.

Worth noting at this point are the bindings.  These are hand woven from satin ribbons.  They finish a piece aesthetically by adding colour but also have practical purpose by providing insulation.  With certain applications it is desirable to not have direct contact with the tool.  So like the coating on an electrical wire, one can handle the item without it's energy hitting you.  Touching the metal or crystals of the tool is what I consider a direct connection.

Next to consider is the shaft.  This is usually copper tubing.  The stone settings are made with copper and solder and it is given a generous gold or silver plating before the stones and ribbons are secured.  Gold is my usual preference, but if you prefer a silver finish you are quite probably a lady.

Power Rods
Crystaline technology Power rod

Don't let it's name concern you, realize that each task has a tool the right size to handle the job. These are generally, but not always too grunty to be pointing them directly at people for healing. However, for communication, consciousness, and environmental purposes they are right. These wands are often totally basic, have just two well chosen main stones that stand alone. They are done with a natural quartz points often with a first grade laser crystal.
The balls are also clear quartz and are chosen by their clarity and feel. If you wish to use other stones here that is quite OK. When sig's. are used they appear in groups around the ball and, or over the point.
Arranging sig's in groups has two clear virtues. Firstly, it allows a means of getting a balanced blending of the multiple energy signatures from different sig. stones and by arranging the sig's in geometric a pattern, a unified energy field is created. This group field effect is particularly significant because of the quantum energy effects they produce.

The butt of a special edition

Laser Wands
Natural Laser quartz wand with moonstone

Lasers are indeed a special kind of stone in form; so long, clear and slender. As their name suggests laser quartz produces a very focused and directed beam of energy from it's point.  They may be used by healers doing extraction's or dispersal's, also with communication for sending energies to distant receivers (e.g. absent healing, channeling) and energy links.  They can build energy screens and bubbles for purposes of defense, protection or clarity and clean space about an area. "The intensity of white light it flows will encircle ones aura with shine.

Special Editions
Crystaline technology. Multi crystal wand.

Crystaline technology large wand as oneHere I will integrate many elements together.  They are those which allow me to spend quality time and materials, ones that I enjoy the most to build as they challenge my skill and bring new growth, understanding.

This one is made with a large quartz pyramid, a natural clear quartz double term and a most excellent natural quartz laser.  All of the stones are removable from their settings.  This allows the crystals to be handled as individuals, as well as "dis-empowering" the tool when it "sleeps" or during transportation.  When assembled and standing on it's pyramid base it measures 760mm. (30in.) high.  With the pyramid set in position with it's apex out, the shaft is bi-directional and measures longer at 800mm. (31.5in.)

As my own ideas expand and the awareness of others who use these crystal tools grows, the variety of crystal applications is bound to unfold. If you have special pieces of crystal you feel will make a good team as a wand, I would be pleased to put it together for you, and if you have any requests and questions they are also welcome.

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