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3 D dimensional stained glass womans face Tesha 32cm's
To capture expression in a face is a challenge with this craft.
There is no gradient of shadow, only shadow lines can be drawn to form divisions of area.
The expression with Tesha is almost spooky. Her look follows the observer.
Flat panal stained glass glass Man of Dancer Man in Dance 120cm's.
The expression of line is with curves.
Thus movement is created and the piece comes to life with it's given form.
To successfully show theme in a hundred pieces or less is like a good short story in a song.
Flat panel daffodils stained glass Daffodils 45cm's.
I enjoy finding and expressing the balance in nature.
Capturing the look of a specific theme is always fun and the diversity of images to try is endless.
Peace stained glass Peace that Grows 28cm's
Significance is easy to find in simple work like this.
"May the deeds of the heart bring hope into our circle, new life for the soul of man kind."
Stained glass lamp shade Spiralling Blocks 65cm's.
When is a shade a real pain in the ass to build?
When it's got four, three sided spiralling sections that all need support whilst soldering and only one pair of hands to do it with!!
The secrete to a good lamp (really any 3D piece) is with the cutting. If the pieces are not perfect in shape, the final two edges to join will not match and some sort of dodgy recovery will have to be make. This is always forced which places great stress and will distort the item. So do it well on the step that counts the most and the rest will be a happening thing.
stained glass lampshade White with pink 40cm's
When a lamp gets detailed, the mission becomes one of patience and persistence.
Lamps with hundreds of individual pieces are indeed works of art, and if it were possible to congratulate Louis C Tiffany for his technique, I surely would.
stained glass tiger panel Gentle Tiger 100cm's
At a metre wide the red eyed Tiger is a free hung, shaped panel that is diligently watchful.
Although the pic does not show, this piece is well shaped.
His nose reaches a good 55 mm forward of the outer most frame.
Each piece is attached by soldering them individually at it's best judged angle to the rest.
It creates a 3D illusion where the tigers face and his gaze follows you from all angles of view.
stained glass inside a fish tank Water Glass and Crystal
With the love I have for tropical fish, sooner or later their tank was bound to have a change.
A large triangular tank was specially made into which was put prepared stained glass.
The tank has lights built into the base so that light shines into the stained glass and quartz points above.
Bubble streams and air locks deflect light, creating shimmering movement within the crystals on the plate.
With Neon Tetras cruising as a school, the picture is whole, the observer enchanted.



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