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A look at some crystal tools..
Crystal gridwork meditation mat
Glass gridworks * Unified energy fields * Energy gates * Crystal water generators * Chakra resonators

There are many energy tools already made and available out there in this world of ours.
The few seen here, are just a clue of what is actually around......!!

Problem being it's heard of from another or read from a book. I could write for hours about what's is probable and possible but until I've got one completed and functioning in my hands I'd rather not speculate on the nebulous. The items below, are completed projects which have good merit and are known to me. I apologize for the lack of pic's here. Sometimes they seem to be gone before getting caught on film. Anyway here are a few I've made..

Glass Gridwork
Glass and crystal gridwork
A twelve pointed, twice rounded gridwork plate. By locating the crystals you are using over the points, their virtues combine to create a unified group. As such, a vortex area is manifest. This may then be used with conscious intent. You can use mandala designs of any colour, size and style that pleases. It is symmetry and balance between the crystals that counts
Unified Energy Fields.
Pyramid Six Star

Unified energy gridwork
The crystal mat seen above has a Star of David stiched with copper onto canvas. Each raw quartz point used is matched to all the others so a balanced group is achieved. At each point or intersection of the star is placed a quartz point. By doing this, the crystals are joined and their energies are united. This grid goes further by using capstoned pyramids over 6 of the stones. All has symmetry and each is matched to all others. The diversity of form and application within the dynamics of gridworks is like the potential within any seed. Plant a seed then help them grow.
The building of Unified Energy Fields is a happening thing, and for those who are up and running, such energy vortex areas will be very useful.

Energy Gates
Doudle tetrahedron energy gate
All is told by definition of form and each shape has a vibration of character that speaks with a given tone. Energy gates, no matter what form they assume will have specific guidelines of construction and often an orientation to a given direction. Not all are 3 dimensional, indeed many gates are drawn from symbols of power, and shapes with profound spiritual significance. Most will mirror the design parameters of nature in one way or another. It may follow the forms of the platonic solids, (i.e. tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron and dodecahedron) the mathematical progression of the golden section, or the use of sacred symbols and numerical relationships. The one I've illustrated below is a simple double tetrahedron joined to form one apex. Notice that a Star of David is present at the base, this one stands 350 mm high. This gate was used as a home for a large quartz point. The gate will mallow and diffuse the crystals passive output into the immediate physical and etherical environments.

At this point I need to acknowledge my limited understanding of the effects of different shapes and forms of gates. It would be necessary to run extensive investigations to determine which does exactly what, (a task I am not choosing to volunteer for at this time). So for now, I trust my feelings about a form when I see one. My best advice to you is to choose a gate like one chooses a crystal. That which appeals strongly and stands tall among the rest.

Crystal Water Generators
Crystal water generator
I was most excited with the idea of drinking crystal water as an energy infusion directly into every cell into ones body. The pic above is the prototype to what is now a fully developed energy tool. The idea is to set up a 6 point gridwork around the base of a volume of water. To intensify the field a capstoned pyramid is positioned on top. The water is intentionally "flavored" by a programming crystal suspended within the container. This chosen program instruction or command is saturated into the water ready to be assimilated into ones entire system. This is a tool well suited to anyone who is going big time on personal development. I've a bulletin explaining the construction and use of these in the info and knowledge page of this site. You are welcome to use it.
Chakra Resonators
Charkra resonator
These are worn as pendants but used for more than their looks. Chosen stones are matched together to create a blended energy signature which is applied to given tasks. Usually I choose crystals which relate to each other through a given Chakra in order to bolster that given area. For example, a head band may bare an amethyst, purple fluorite and herkimers. Worn during meditation, this piece is designed to open and modulate the third eye, allowing a stronger flow of accelerated consciousness to be achieved.

The pic above shows a piece I made intended to heal and strengthen the lower or physical Chakras. Emotional contortions, rising stress and a lack of connectedness to earth were aspects I kept in mind for this one. One can not consider that by wearing a few crystals, ones difficulties in life will be miraculously cured. Crystals will point the way to optimum vibrational levels, but unless a persons consciousness intent is engaged in the process of change, no amount of positive energy suggestion is going to impinge to effect a stable change. Ultimately your state of body, mind and spirit is your responsibility. If it is change you seek, do the work to achieve it. Crystals are your helpers to lighten the task, not to delegate the task to!!



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